Beverley Community Lift


Getting around during the colder months can be difficult, especially for the elderly, disabled or those who are rurally or socially isolated. Luckily, our fantastic beneficiary, Beverley Community Lift (BCL) is here to help!

95% of people who use this caring community transport service are aged 65 and over. They find getting out and about a tall order, especially when the weather is chilly. The remaining 5% are young carers, or young people with learning difficulties.

One of BCL’s passengers said, “I think BCL is superb! I was just sitting at home thinking about things the other day, and one thing I am so pleased about now I’m older is that BCL is available for me to use here in Beverley. I don’t know what I’d do without its service – and I really mean that – I’m so grateful.

I am very, very grateful to BCL. The girls and lads that drive us about are wonderful, really thoughtful and patient and we can have a good laugh with them too! Thank you for all that you do to keep us elderly folk active and cared for.’

Provided entirely by volunteers from the local community, the service not only serves a practical use of taking people to medical appointments, grocery shopping and more, but also helps prevent social isolation and loneliness.

Another BCL passenger comments: “It’s great to be greeted by such lovely people in the morning when they come to collect you for your appointment. I’m very lonely since my partner passed away and I feel cut off in a rural village without transport. I really like the fact that someone cares about me. Thank you for your kindness.”

It’s not just the BCL passengers who feel the social benefits either - we asked some of the lovely volunteers why helping out makes them feel good:

“The transport we provide helps the elderly people to feel that someone cares about them, and it cheers them up to see the driver’s friendly face on a regular basis, even if it is only once a week to go food shopping.”

“It’s rewarding that the passengers get so much out of the service. I can see how much it means to them that someone can sit with them as they are waiting for their appointment and have a chat with them. You can clearly see that you are making a big difference in their lives.”

“It’s worthwhile because when you see the person you’ve given a lift to come out of an appointment afterwards, they’re so grateful. It’s humbling sometimes. By me giving them a lift, the passengers get to keep some of their independence and they are so happy that they can do things for themselves.”

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