Jackpot winner - January

Miss Melling.jpg

Miss Melling was our lucky jackpot winner on 19th January. On collecting her cheque she also had a tour of the hospice with her friend Andrea.

A retired nurse from Hull Royal, she started supporting Dove House through the lottery 10 years ago. Many of her previous colleagues now work at the hospice and she wanted to support ‘a place that helps everyone’.  She was impressed by the facilities and how much was going on. She met some of the day patients in the Amy Johnson unit who were busy decorating boxes and playing dominoes. Miss Melling and her friend also observed a group physio therapy session in the gym. Her friend Andrea, who accompanied her, had been a volunteer at the hospice for 10 years previously and was pleased to see the changes so generously funded by supporters. A previous lottery player herself she decided to re-join the lottery after seeing how crucial support is to a wide range of people from in-patients, their families and also people using our outpatients’ services.  

Miss Melling enjoyed her tour saying: ‘It is such a wonderful place. It doesn’t feel like a hospice at all. Everyone is so friendly, warm and welcoming, it feels more like a home where you visit friends. I wish more people would come to visit’.

She will use her winnings towards a 2 week cruise around the Mediterranean with her friend Andrea.