Jackpot winner - June

Dr Hewitt jackpot winner 8.06.18.jpg

A retired anaesthetist will be fixing her car and donating to a dog shelter in Bahrain after winning the jackpot on 8th June. Sue Hewitt has been supporting Dove House through the lottery for 12 years. She knew the hospice through her aunt who worked there 15 years ago and her mum who was a keen supporter throughout her life. She says ‘although I relocated to Lincolnshire many years ago, I am a Hull lass, born and bred and I’m proud to be supporting the community through the hospice’.  She was very surprised to have won the jackpot. She says ‘when I got the call I just couldn’t believe my luck. My car had just broken down and it was a very welcome surprise.’ She supports a number of charities, including a dog shelter in Bahrain, and will give some of her winnings to find a new home for stray dogs. Sue visited Dove House to pick up her cheque and take a tour of the Hospice. She was surprised to see many activities were going on. She enjoyed her tour saying: “It is not at all what I was expecting. I can’t believe what a warm and homely place this is. That is not what I imagine a hospice to be like. I wish more people knew what a wonderful place this is.”

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