Fund the fantastic four on national nurses day

Did you know - Saturday 6th May is National Nurses Day!

To celebrate, we’re encouraging everyone to sign up for Your Charity Lottery to help us fund the invaluable care nurses provide at your local hospice.

Every hour of every day our nursing team are making a difference to local people.  They do so much more than just providing patients with medical attention - they provide emotional support to patients and their families at a time when it’s needed most.

Their support can be something as simple as sharing information, discussing problems or just being there. However, our nurses have also been known to take a patient to Lourdes, go on trips to the fair, plan anniversary meals and even organise a wedding at a couple of days’ notice! 

The Your Charity Lottery team are looking to provide the funds for the equivalent of four nurses at Dove House Hospice.  To fund the equivalent of one nurse for a year we need just 460 new lottery members to play for at least a year.

It’s thanks to the generosity of yourselves and the local community that this incredible work can take place.

The weekly lottery costs £1 per week, is run every Friday and has 82 cash prizes, including a rollover prize of up to £10,000! Since 1996, there have been over 1,040 local people who have won a cash prize of £1,000 or more. With those chances of winning something, why wouldn’t you sign up? 

If you fancy joining the Lottery and supporting the vital work of our nurses, you can sign up here. We’re grateful for your continued support.

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