Hospice Care Month

October marks the annual Hospice Care Month, which aims to highlight the amazing work that goes on behind the scenes at hospices around the UK. Hospices offer comprehensive services for those of varying mental and physical needs, who unfortunately suffer from serious and terminal illnesses.

There are different types of hospice care available for different patients. These include: medical social services, home care, inpatient care, volunteer care and 24 hour on call duty. Each of these are suited to different illnesses and many people often forget to acknowledge hospice care done outside of actual hospice facilities.

The individual hospice treatments needed also depends on the unique demands of each patient. Occupational Therapy helps patients to perform daily tasks better themselves, Physiotherapy can help to rehabilitate basic physical needs and Music Therapy is particularly good for dealing with emotional needs. Hospices also pride on offering full support to the families and previous carers of the patients, such as; bereavement counselling and training on how to support a terminally ill patient.

To show your support for Hospice Care Month, there are promotional resources you can display such as; posters, bunting, social media banners and more personal use items such as bookmarks and clothes tags. It’s very important we recognise all that goes into our country’s hospice care system.

By playing Your Charity Lottery, it helps to support great hospices, such as Dove House, Lindsey Lodge and Hospice at Home Gwynedd and Anglesey. As these hospices only receive 40 days worth of government funding per annum, we help to account for the remaining days and keep these hospices up to their expected high standards.

Read more about Hospice Care Month here: http://bit.ly/29tbpS6


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