Laura's June Roundup

Well, what a busy month we’ve had!

We kicked it off by welcoming three new people to the team at the end of May, and all are setting into their new roles nicely. Our Marketing and Communications Officer, Sandrine, has been busy getting to know the department and the wider Dove House family while also reviewing our current marketing and helping to launch our new beneficiary charity.

Beneficiary Executive Daniel has been busy introducing himself to all existing beneficiary charities and groups, and planning the running of the draw run by the Chairman of Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

Lottery Database Administrator, Mike Doran has been getting to know our bespoke Lottery database and learning how the draw is run, as well as the hospice organisational database and retail database. Welcome to the team, Mike!

As well as our new staff members, we had Charity Manager of our new beneficiary, Health Stars, and Chairman of the Humber NHS Foundation Trust, to Dove House to run the draw which saw Health Stars lottery supporters entered for the first time. This was held on 9th June, where 91 people took part.

Health Stars players will be providing regular and sustainable income to help enhance the community and mental health services provided to over 600,000 people living in the Humber NHS Foundation Trust service area. Want to read more about what they do? Visit their website.

In case you haven’t heard, Dove House have been busy celebrating their 25th anniversary. As part of these celebrations, we’ve launched the ‘Play the Game, Provide a Nurse’ campaign. The aim is to get 1,840 new people to sign up to Your Charity Lottery, to help cover the equivalent cost of four hospice nurses for a year.

Local celebrities including Reece Shearsmith, Richard Bean, Luke Campbell and former Hull City manager Marco Silva have given their support to the campaign, whilst a new video, presented by Look North’s Peter Levy, was made to showcase the campaign. Watch it here.

An online salary deduction link has been introduced in June for Dove House and a number of our beneficiaries, enabling their staff to sign up to the Lottery via their pay using an easy online method. Corporates supporting Dove House or any of the beneficiary charities will also be able to use the link if they want to offer the ‘Play As You Earn’ scheme to their employees.

Our annual Summer Draw was also launched, which will be drawn on 28th July. The summer draw mailing pack was sent at the beginning of June to a number of our regular players and Super Draw supporters. Also, our Summer Draw web page is now available on the Your Charity Lottery website for anyone wanting to support Dove House while having the chance to win up to £3,000! Find out more here.

Speaking of summer, the Community Lottery team have started their calendar of summer activities with events in the community, including a days at Cottingham Open Gardens, Burton Constable Craft Fair and Dove House Hospice Garden party.

We say, roll on July!

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