5 Random Acts Of Kindness You Can Do With Your Family

Sometimes you just want to give back. We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget about others who may be experiencing difficulties or may be feeling down. They say that kindness is contagious, so we’ve compiled a list of 5 easy activities to bring a smile to someone's day. And what’s even better, you can even involve the little ones!

Leave positive chalk messages on the pavement

The perfect summertime activity for young children to pass the time whilst sharing positivity. All you need is chalk and a little creative spark. Warming messages written on the pavement outside homes or workplaces can bring a little light to a person's day. What happy notes would you leave on the pavement?

Support your local hospice

Have you been planning a wardrobe clear out? What better time to give away clothes that don't fit anymore or items you no longer have a use for? One of the simplest ways to give back to your local community is to take your unwanted belongings to your nearest hospice retail store and the team there will do the rest. 
Hospices rely on donations to fund support for those with life limiting illnesses and end of life care. By donating your unwanted items you're helping raise money for your local community. 

Pay it forward

Make a difference to someone's day by paying for their morning coffee or their bus fare, paying forward gives you the chance to brighten up a strangers’ day anonymously. By using the pay it forward method you’re encouraging kindness in your town and community.

Read this inspiring story of how a simple pay it forward treat at a Starbucks was repeated by a massive 120 customers. 

Visit the animal shelter

Pick up some pet food or toys during your next big shop then swing by the animal shelter on your way home. Alternatively, if you have a day or two to fill, many dog shelters are on the hunt for dog walkers - why not volunteer?

Plant a tree

Give back to the environment! Trees are important to the world we live in because they help control the climate, filter the air we breathe, protect us from weather and create a natural, beautiful environment. As well as benefitting our health, a stunning natural environment boosts positivity - what better reason do you need to chuck on your wellies and get planting some beautiful leafy trees in your area?


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