Lottery Collectors – a friendly service at the heart of the community


Our Lottery Collection Agents work throughout Hull and the East Riding for Dove House Hospice, as well as in North Lincolnshire for Lindsey Lodge Hospice and call regularly at the homes of supporters wanting to pay their lottery subscriptions at the door. Their role is primarily customer service, working with the customer service team to ensure a good player experience is had by all.

Your Charity Lottery team of collection agents cover many miles every week and quickly get to know their regulars. Amy recalls ‘When I first applied for my job at Dove House, little did I know that it would become more than a “job” to me. I thought I would just knock on the doors to collect the lottery money and then be on my way. How wrong was I! Every single person I met on my round had a connection with Dove House in one way or another. Most of the members have become friends. I have even taken out their bins if they have needed me to, I have dropped off charity bags for them, I have put batteries in hearing aids for them, we have sent each other cards at Christmas but most of all, and I believe this to be the most important part of my job – I give them my time - to listen to them.’.

As well as the convenience of having someone coming to their door to collect their money to play the lottery in support of their chosen charity, the collectors play a key role in fighting social isolation. Amy talks about her experience: ‘Some people on my round only really see me (not having family or friends) and I know how they look forward to seeing me. We sit and chat, I listen to the same stories they told me the month previously, I look through various photos of their family members, I hear stories of their connection with Dove House.’

Each collector is allocated a specific area and it is up to them to organise their schedule to collect subscriptions on their round. It offers great flexibility. From retirees to university students, parents working around school drop off and pick ups or even around another part time job, it suits many different lifestyles.

We are currently recruiting for bank collectors. Bank Collectors are offered rounds to cover for full time collectors during times of absence. The role is flexible but collecting from supporters efficiently is expected.

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