What Can You Do To Give Back This Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a chance for you to get involved with charity whichever way you can, whether that be through donating, spreading awareness, doing sponsored events or simply chatting amongst your friends about charity. Giving Tuesday is only 2 years old, but already runs in over 70 countries worldwide and last year it even broke the world record for most amount of money donated online in 24 hours!

To celebrate the cause, we’re going to be sharing ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ on our social media pages throughout November. A ‘Random Act of Kindness’ could involve helping someone with their bags in a supermarket, letting someone in a rush in front of you in a queue, helping someone homeless find the nearest shelter or even sending your friend an appreciative text when you wake up. That one simple act could be what makes someone’s day.

Get involved in the conversation and find out more about Giving Tuesday on their website: http://www.givingtuesday.org.uk/.

What will you be doing to get involved? Tweet us @YourCharityLottery.


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