It’s Hospice Care Week!


This Hospice Care Week, we’re joining forces with up to 200 hospices across the UK to celebrate the diverse range of people involved in providing hospice care.

Led by national hospice and palliative care charity Hospice UK, the theme for the week is “We are hospice care.” From nurses to volunteers, chefs to chaplains and corporate partners to carers, we want to celebrate each and every individual that contributes to hospice care.

As in many other industries, there are often many people working tirelessly ‘behind the scenes’ who aren’t always recognised as much as they perhaps should be. Every single person working in the three hospices supported by Your Charity Lottery has an important role to play in the lives of every patient; whether they’re cooking the patients a warming meal, keeping the hospice clean and tidy, brightening their day with a friendly chat, or providing financial support to keep services running.

Over the course of the week, we’ll be highlighting stories about the staff, volunteers, and donors of the three hospices we support - Dove House and Lindsey Lodge 

The wide-ranging support provided by our beneficiary hospices includes medical care, wellbeing therapies including massage, aromatherapy and reiki, and emotional support such as music therapy, family support and occupational therapy. Each year across the UK, 200,000 terminally ill people receive hospice care, and this is something we feel should be recognised.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the rich and varied contribution of everyone who contributes to hospices across the UK, and help share more widely the many personal stories that make up hospice care.

Strawberry Team

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