£3,000 rollover winner - February

Linda Walker, a Lindsey Lodge Hospice supporter, was out shopping when she received a call to inform her she’d won the £3,000 rollover prize in Your Charity Lottery weekly draw. She and husband Maurice have been supporting Lindsey Lodge through the lottery for the past two years.

Linda said: “It was a total shock when the call came through, I really didn’t believe it!

“It’s a brilliant feeling to win, and it came at a perfect time.”

Linda plans to buy herself a new compact, lightweight mobility scooter so she can get out and about more easily. The pair are keen caravanners, so they’re also planning a camping trip once the weather gets warmer. They have also generously donated £500 of their winnings back to Lindsey Lodge Hospice, which provides specialist palliative care to patients across North Lincolnshire.

Lindsey Lodge Hospice Fundraiser Peter Dennis said: “Congratulations to Linda and Maurice, I’d like thank them for their wonderful support.”

He added: “We work as a team with Your Charity Lottery to run the weekly lottery and with their support we’ve grown from 500 members to now over 3,000, making it possible for our loyal supporters to generate an incredible £130,000 each year!

“Since Christmas we’ve already had two other Lindsey Lodge £1,000 jackpot winners as well as Linda and Maurice’s rollover win – so for just £1 per entry it’s well worth taking part.”

Linda added: “It’s not just the winning for us it’s the supporting that really matters. Maurice and I have both had first-hand experience of wonderful hospice care within our own family, so we know just how important it really is.”

Linda and Maurice visited Lindsey Lodge to receive their cheque and while they were there they took a tour of the 10-bedded facility.

Linda said: “We were amazed how large the place really is and just how much is going on there every day. It’s easy to assume it’s a place of sadness, but really it’s a place of hope. We’re definitely going to continue to play the lottery with our two numbers each week, and would advise anyone else to support this amazing cause!”

To support Lindsey Lodge continue their vital services join the lottery here.