Sales? Who Needs Them?

Charity shops probably aren’t the first place you’d think of if you were looking for a new outfit, however you may be surprised at the unique garments and top of the range brand names you might come across whilst browsing.

January has arrived and most of us are a little strapped for cash to splash out on a new outfit. Rather than shopping the sales consider heading to your local charity shop, not only will you find seasonal items at a low price but you’ll be supporting charities and hospice care in your area.

The benefits of buying second-hand:

  • Low cost items - you can pick up amazing bargains and key pieces from as little as 50p!

  • Your money supports local charities / hospice care.

  • It’s an environmentally friendly way of shopping - donate unwanted items to benefit your community.

  • Unique additions to your wardrobe - you’ll never catch someone rocking the same outfit as you!

But, can charity shop finds be fashionable?
Of course! Trends come around time and time again. Every year we see versions of denim, nautical, safari and floral styles. Simply look for classic and timeless styles, shapes and materials and you’ll be donning the next trend before it hits the high street.

Charity shopping tips:

Try different sizes.

We all know that sizes can differ massively with various brands and retail stores. Try on the items that you’re interested in and don’t take the size too literally. You’ll probably find a lot of pieces from years gone by and vintage clothing sizes are completely different to what you may be used to.

Shop unisex.
The men's section is great for jumpers, oversized button through shirts and belts so don’t be afraid to browse the items advertised for the opposite sex. The women’s section is a great place to look for vibrant and bold vintage shirts for men too - don’t be scared, take a look!

Please remember that by buying items in your local charity shops you are not only getting a bargain but you’re also helping to support the fantastic work that hospice and charity staff do to support the community.

Find out more about Dove House Hospice charity shops in your area. 
Find out more about Lindsey Lodge Hospice charity shops in your area.
See if there’s a Hospice at Home charity shop in your community. 

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