Top Unwanted Gifts You Don’t Want But We Do

Hospice care continues with the help and kindness of donations. The hospices Your Charity Lottery works with are always grateful to receive your generous donations to help raise funds for families affected by life limiting illnesses and those requiring end of life care. If you’ve been gifted a few unwanted items this festive season remember; your giveaways could be someone’s treasure! 

The Top Unwanted Gifts
Board Games
Novelty Gifts
Photo Frames

If you’d like to donate a number of gifts you think will go unused to the fundraising teams you can get in touch with them directly to arrange to hand them over.  If you would like to donate these gifts to your local charity shop, please drop them into your nearest charity retail store.

Please keep in mind the items you’re donating to your local charity shop need to be in a re-sellable condition. By donating broken items or clothing that requires repair, the disposal of these items can be costly for the charity. 

Find out more about Dove House Hospice charity shops in your area. 

Find out more about Lindsey Lodge Hospice charity shops in your area. 

See if there’s a Hospice at Home charity shop in your community.


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