Provide a nurse

Although the situations can be sad, by going that extra mile we’re able to make lasting memories for patients.
— Elaine, Dove House Hospice

What we do

Dove House Hospice is dedicated to providing specialist palliative care for adults with life-limiting illnesses; helping them live as fully as possible. We embrace our patients into our family, offering support and hope in the darkest of days.

Our services are available free of charge 365 days of the year to anyone over the age of 18 who has a life-limiting illness. However, these services are not free to provide and so we rely heavily on the general public for support.


The challenge

Funds currently generated by the Lottery provide sufficient income to fund the equivalent of 13 nurses here at the hospice. Our current goal is to increase the funding provided through Lottery activities to fund the equivalent of a further 4 nurses here at Dove House.  

Our nurses are vital to delivering the high standard of care we have become known for. Not only do they provide expert medical attention, they offer emotional support to patients and their families when it is needed most.

Our fantastic nurses are there to hold your hand every step of the way; meeting the wishes of the patient and helping create lasting memories throughout even the hardest of times.

How you can help

We’re inviting everyone to sign up to Your Charity Lottery to help provide a nurse. To cover the cost of 4 nurses for a year, we’d need 1,840 people to sign up across East Yorkshire.

That’s just 460 new players to provide the equivalent of a nurse for a whole year

Why not be one of those people?

For just £1 a week, you’ll be helping the Hospice achieve its goal of raising essential income to continue to provide the vital care we have become known for, and will also be in with a chance of winning £10,000 every week! With 82 cash prizes every Friday, you’ve a great chance of winning.