International Women's Day: Sharon Mays reflects on her career

“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within. It is there all the time” Anna Feud

Sharon Mays, Chairman, NHS Humber Foundation Trust initially qualified as a lawyer specialising in commercial law. Before joining the board of the Trust in July 2011, she was a non-executive director of East Riding of Yorkshire Primary Care Trust. She took the position of Chairman in September 2014 and talks about the Trust with pride: “I’m most proud of our caring, compassionate and hard-working staff and the services they provide for some of the most vulnerable people in our community. They share my passion for the NHS.”

Her inspiration came from home “My mother instilled in me a firm belief in the power of education to improve people’s lives. She also had an incredibly strong work ethic – as did my father – and believed in doing your best to achieve your goals. My mother taught me that receiving a good education and working hard would give me more opportunities.” Her own advice to someone wanting to pursue a successful career would be “ If you work hard and make the most of your opportunities, anything is possible and there are no boundaries to what you can achieve.