The player is at the heart of everything we do

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Customer service team

Your Charity Lottery is run from the Lottery Department at Dove House Hospice in Hull.

The team work to ensure players are entered into the weekly draw and that the draw and all other lottery activity is run efficiently and in accordance with industry standards.

We've a large number of community representatives, raising awareness of Dove House Hospice and the other charities we assist, as well as raising awareness of the weekly draw and the other winning ways members of the public can support their local cause. And it's all coordinated by this tightly-knit team back at HQ.

If you'd like to join the lottery, discuss your membership, confirm one of our representatives or find out more, please contact us. We'll be happy to hear from you.

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We have a friendly, conscientious and hard-working door-to-door team. They're a dedicated bunch, and raise a huge amount of money to support some incredible causes, whatever the weather.

Our representatives include:

Community Lottery Assistants who work primarily on introducing you to the weekly draw and our scratchcard games. Their work includes door-to-door activity, events and in-store promotion, generally raising the profile of our causes and Your Charity Lottery.  The recruitment of new supporters and all money raised allows the continuation of vital services. All team representatives work in accordance with organisational values, policies and procedures, as well as adhering to the current industry standards on door-to-door fundraising in the hope of making your first experience a pleasant taste of things to come.

Lottery Collectors who work throughout Hull and the East Riding for Dove House Hospice, as well as in North Lincolnshire for Lindsey Lodge Hospice, call regularly at the homes of supporters wanting to pay their lottery subscriptions at the door. Their role is primarily customer service, working with the customer service team in ensuring a good player experience is had by.



Your Charity Lottery wouldn't run quite as smoothly were it not for an array of generous and kind-hearted people from all walks of life, who are united in supporting us, our causes and our people.

As well as helping to keep our running costs low and ensure more of the £1 subscribed to the lottery goes directly back to your local cause, they also give their time to areas such as administration and event support. But we always need more help! If you fancy joining us and gaining more skills, get in touch today. We’ll be very pleased to hear from you.


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