About Us


Back on the 31st May 1996, 3000 local people from Hull and the East Riding were entered into a weekly draw in support of Dove House Hospice. At this time, Dove House needed a source of regular and sustainable income allowing the board of trustees the opportunity to plan for the future.

Over the last 20 years the Lottery has grown to include over 17,500 players, raising over £6 million - all of which has gone directly back to patient care. In addition to the weekly draw Dove House Hospice Lottery added other ways for supporters to win while supporting their local hospice. These include: Superdraws, Scratchcards, Tickets and Gift Vouchers. In addition to this a wedding favour scheme – Lucky In Love.

5 years ago a neighbouring hospice, Lindsey Lodge Hospice, became a beneficiary of the Lottery giving them the opportunity to offer a weekly draw to their supporters without the costs involved of doing so as well as accessing the resources and experience of the team at Dove House. Collaborative working within the charity sector reduces costs for charities and enables more of a donor’s contributions to go directly back to the cause in which they are supporting.

Lotteries are a great tool for charities to work together. In April 2016 Dove House Hospice Lottery became Your Charity Lottery. This allows further development of beneficiary opportunities working with and supporting other hospices, charities and fundraising groups in raising regular and sustainable income, while also building on the income level for Dove House Hospice. The name also suits our supporters as it really is  Your Charity Lottery, supporting Your Local Charity, supporting Your Local Community.