You could win up to £10,000 every week

For just £1 a week per game number, you can win one of 82 prizes on offer: a first prize of £1,000, 80 prizes of £10 and a rollover prize from £200 up to £10,000. It’s not to be missed! Feel good winning knowing that by playing the weekly lottery, you're also making a difference within your local community. View our beneficiaries to see how you change lives, and select the charity/group you wish to support. 

Whether you're new to the weekly draw or an existing player, simply decide how many entries you'd like each week, choose the payment method that suits you best and enter your details.

Celebrate a win with Your Charity Lottery and play today!


Regular play

your number using a direct debit


You'll receive email confirmation and a letter with your unique game number(s) within 2 weeks.
You'll have the same number each week unless you contact us to update.