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radar dog Rescue 

Play Your Charity Lottery today and support RADAR Dog Rescue help save and rehome dogs around Rotherham and the surrounding area. 
Radar Dog Rescue never put a healthy dog down and care for them as if they were their own pets. The main aim is to save dogs from the pound and rehome them into loving and caring homes. 

How Radar Dog Rescue Help 

Lady was a dog found in a cage in a home which was covered in faeces and urine, which included other dead pets. She was malnourished and timid and was used for breeding. She jumped out a 2nd floor window to escape her life in the house. The RSPCA were contacted but could not contact the alleged owner, RADAR worked round it, opened the house door and saved her. 
Radar Dog Rescue strive to put animals first and help the public who can't afford vet bills. Below is a quote from Leo's owner Andrrew 
"My dog Leo is one of my bests buddies, he started developing a lump on his leg, PDSA declined us twice so RADAR helped pay for his treatment! He is still going, and it hasn't slowed him down" 
- Andrew Booth and Leo 

Help for all animals 

We never put a healthy dog down and each dog is cared for and loved as if they were our own even taking some into our own homes. We really do get to know our dogs and try working with them in all situations. All our dogs are assessed to see how they are with food, other dogs and children. 
The purpose of our charity is to save dogs in need from the pound. These dogs are at risk of being put to sleep and desperately need homes or rescue places urgently to survive. We try our best to save as many of these poor dogs as possible. also help dogs in need due to other unforeseen circumstances and crisis situations. 
"We are over the moon to have found our special boy ferox, he's waited 4 long years to just lie down on a bed and be a dog. thank you radar for rescuing him and looking after him until he came into our lives, you are always so pleased to hear about every update and step he takes, and it just shows how much you care for these animals even after they find their forever home"  
- Megan Hudson and Ferox 

THE DIFFERENCE you could make 

We are a non-profit organisation and rely entirely on generous donations to save dogs in need and care for them until they find loving homes. We have minimal financial support and every £1 could help make a difference to those who need our services. 
£26 could provide 3 days in a kennels for a dog, including food, water and blankets  
£52 could provide a vet visit for two dogs, microchipping and vaccination, multiple dog treats for multiple dogs and toys for multiple dogs. 

Play Your Charity Lottery today and Help save and rehome animals who need it most 

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